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Water Management


Water shortages pose a significant risk across the globe, and South Africa and other African countries are no different. Water utility providers and municipalities are faced with many challenges including aging infrastructure, booming populations and demand that is fast outstripping supply. More effective water network management is essential in addressing these and other potential future issues. 

By harnessing the power of technology in the form of big data and advanced analytics software, these organisations will be able to address previously unidentified issues, become more proactive about maintaining networks and cater more effectively to growing demand amongst other benefits. 

Jasco is an ICT solutions provider with a focus on  water network management, helping providers and municipalities to minimise non-revenue water loss and optimise service deliver to proactively avert potential water supply problems.

Industry Challenges

Water networks are typically buried underground, and in the case of older infrastructure not accurately mapped. This makes it difficult to locate leaks or conduct repairs and maintenance. 

Growing populations and industrialisation have put increased strain on existing, often aging infrastructure, and supply has become unable to keep up with demand. A shortage of clean water to areas already serviced has become a problem, in addition to the challenge of providing access to areas that are not currently serviced. 

Millions of litres of expensively cleaned and treated water are lost to leaks as well as to theft of unmetered water supply, leaving utilities with high levels of revenue loss. This in turn impacts budgets available for repairs, maintenance and new service provision. 


Jasco delivers integrated water network management and event management for water utilities.

Integrated Water Network Management and Event Management
Cloud-based service
Uses data analytics technology to detect ‘interesting events’ and predict events before they occur
Events include water loss, leaks, bursts, pressure problems, water quality issues, usage patterns, faulty metres and more
Manages the full lifecycle of events
Generates knowledge about network inefficiencies, water loss and other hazards
Software as a Service (SaaS) business model allows a simple recurring service fee


  • Improved water network management through appropriate technology:
    • Helps utilities to avoid billions of litres of water loss
    • Saves money
    • Improves budget for repairs and maintenance.
  • Improved response times for events
  • Proactive problem resolution:
    • Increased service delivery levels
    • More efficient network planning and dimensioning
    • Faster leak detection and repair
    • Assurance of supply
  • Lost revenue from water loss can be reduced
  • Illegal connections to non-metred water sources can be prevented. 



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