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The Ultimate Toolkit

Set your creativity loose and take content creation to a whole new level with Boris FX Continuum FCP – the definitive toolset for Final Cut Pro users. Backed by award-winning effects artists, this powerful package is packed full of 100+ unique filters, thousands of drag-and-drop presets, 26 hyper-stylistic transitions, and 10 text templates, all ready for any aspect ratio and HDR production.  Make your productions stand out from the crowd with every stunning detail expertly brought together in one monster package exclusively built for Final Cut Pro.


Instantly enhance your video quality with the BCC+ DeNoise ML effect — your one-click solution for clear visuals.

  • Artifact Removal: Eliminates noise from low-light and compression artifacts
  • One-Click Efficiency: Drag-and-drop simplicity for immediate results
  • Intelligent Analysis: Auto-analyzes images to preserve and boost detail


Make your music come alive with BCC+ Audio Visualizer. The effect intelligently matches the sound in your video to a base audio spectrum of lines, dots or circles. Then push it further with:

  • Fine-tuned controls for the size, position, and rotation of your current display plus 3D properties
  • Finish composites by coloring, reflecting, and warping the visualizer
  • Pin the effect with integrated Mocha parameter tracking
  • Easily add a background


Each effect has tons of presets to help jump start your work. The FX Editor makes it easy to select, mark favorites, compare, and save your own presets to share cross-platform.

Highlights include:

  • 600+ traditional film stocks and film looks including color grades from top Hollywood films and TV series
  • New presets for looks, light, Sper LED, film glow, video glitch, atmospheric glow, and light leaks
  • 800+ gobo lighting patterns including 50 new seamless ones
  • The FX Editor makes browsing looks and styles faster than ever before. Optimized for M1 and your GPU.


Get ready to drive your stories forward with 26 sleek transitions for any content creation need.

Transport viewers to another scene with Crash Zoom, use lens flares and light leaks to move between scenes with elegance, and up your essential pan arsenal with Swish Prism. All BCC+ transitions contain on-screen controls you can manipulate to perfectly time your transitions.


Oh yeah! Mocha masking is included in all Continuum effects. Create complicated masks with speed and precision. Use Mocha Parameter tracking to integrate lens flares and gobo’s into your stories. Share between effects or across different host applications.


Add minimalist ready-to-use text templates to your broadcast and social projects.

Continuum FCP comes with 10 text templates available in popular formats such as 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:3, and 3:4. Easily move text in the viewer with on-screen controls and use an HDR dropdown to change the brightness of your text for wide-gamut color libraries. Each template also features animated Continuum effects — giving your titles instant professional cred.


Continuum FCP gives artists access to 100+ new effects spread across multiple categories. Extend your color grading abilities with diffusion and realistic grain emulsion.  Use light leaks and lens flares with built-in textures to drive beauty and elegance. Distort footage, text, and graphics with video glitch and film grunge…and change your world’s focus with essential blurs.

Boris FX Continuum FCP 2024 (Perpetual License) ..

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