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Looking for a reliable and high-performing 3D camera solving application? Look no further than Boris FX SynthEyes! Designed to optimize camera, object, geometry, and planar tracking, stabilization, and motion capture, SynthEyes is packed with an extensive list of features, affordable pricing, and seamless exports to various applications.

Helping VFX artists since 2003, SynthEyes™ is a standalone application optimized for camera, object, geometry, planar tracking, and much more. Discover real tracking power and performance with complete control over tracking and solving, blazing-fast performance, a huge feature list, and exports to many applications — all at an affordable price!

  • Incredibly fast tracking and solving saves time, even on shots with thousands of frames.
  • Professional tracking means complete control over tracking and solving
  • Full lens distortion analysis, including radial-4th and anamorphic-6th with corresponding distortion nodes in major compositing applications
  • Exports to an extensive list of industry-leading 3D and compositing applications

Boris FX SynthEyes 2024.1 (Node-Locked Perpetual) ..

R12 829,44Price
VAT Included
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