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Detail, texture and color styles.

Cineflare Detailer is a quick and simple image finisher.  Detailer is a tool for Final Cut Pro X that allows you to add detail, texture, color variations, and specific looks to enhance the look and color of your footage. It highlights the popular “old film” or “hipster” look for a timeless harsh, film-like look and feel.



The main feature of Detailer is that it allows you to add detail and rough texture into your footage. This allows you control of the detail in post production. You can also add in rough structure to the lines and textures in your footage by adjusting the Structure slider tool.


Included in Detailer is a nice presets tool that allows you to easily apply one of 20 different presets for an instant look. Easily add in detail and texture as desired and also use the Amount slider tool to adjust the exact amount of the look you’d like to have.


The main tool of Detailer allows you full control of the look you want to customize. Add in detail and heavy structure texture, easily access a variety of colors from the color spectrum using the Color Variation slider, and add in a nice “Milky” look to your shadows by adjusting the Fade control.


Detailer is easy to use in Final Cut Pro X. Under “CineFlare Detailer” in the Effects browser tab, drag and drop the desired tool directly onto your footage. Then adjust the parameters in the inspector window. In the “X-tras and Help” group we have added several settings with tips the talk you through some of the looks we achieved in our presets so you can get an idea how to create a specific look.

CineFlare Detailer (Mac (FCPX) Only)

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