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DoubleVision is a set of double exposure tools to give you more creativity for your social media ads, music videos, Tik-Tok videos, short commercials…really anything you can think of when you need something new and creative!  You can even stack and combine effects for more creativity.


DoubleVision comes with 32 basic templates. These templates were created with the same basic tool and can be customized for any video need or taste. Simply drag and drop any template onto your footage and you’re done in seconds! Get creative and tweak the animations, number of echoes, colors, effects, etc. The sky is your limit!

The 3D presets mimic a 3D plane and give your footage a fun, 3D parallax effect. You can choose four different 3D effects including a cool push-pull effect to mimic a “Vertigo” feel.


There are 8 basic camera movements to give your DoubleVision project added depth. Rotate in or out of the footage and also zoom in or out. The zoom camera movements also come with a nice point anchor feature so you can zoom into a specific area of your footage.


Give your project some cool effects like a hand held floating motion, a parallax shake effect, a quick smear, and a jagged split effect. All these effects only add to the look and feel of your creative projects when using DoubleVision.


If you stack and combine various effects and camera movements over your DoubleVision preset templates, you will be able to create so many different combinations! AND, if you want to have several echoes and limitless looks, you can stack and combine any of the presets!


In the presets of DoubleVision, there is a handy Pump In checkbox. This pumps in a beat at the beginning of the effect. You can then copy and paste the template over and over to give your footage a pumping effect…this works great if you want something to pump to the beat of the music!

Cineflare DoubleVision (Mac (FCPX) Only) ..

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