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Dynamic transitions applied through the title layer to give you ultimate freedom over the final look. Multiple styles can be stacked and combined!

Create smooth transitions easily within Final Cut Pro with Cineflare Smooth.

Smooth is a unique set of over 30 various smooth flowing transitions that ease your footage in and out. However, we have taken a angle on these transitions and built them out as title layers! This means you can easily create transitions without the need of overlapping footage from one clip to the next!

You can simply drag and drop a title layer over your footage at any point (even if the clip isn’t sliced) and move them around easily. It also affects all of the clips below wherever you place the layers. This creates such an ease of use and saves you time…plus you can combine layers for any smooth effect you want.

Cineflare Smooth for FCPX v3.0 (Mac Only) ..

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