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Since the release of FCPX, there have been many complaints about the fact that they decided to get rid of the easy color picker tool to choose and set the white balance. Problem solved! With CineFlare’s White Balancer, you can utilize the Apple Color Picker to find your exact white balance color.

White Balancer is a tool for Final Cut pro X that allows the editor to utilize Apple’s native color picker tool to quickly choose what should be white in their footage, then it automatically adjusts the image for proper white balance. This is something that was in Final Cut Pro 7 but no longer exists in Final Cut Pro X. Instead of trying to guess which color parameter to adjust, White Balancer finds it for you in just one click.


By opening up the white-balancing parameter’s drop down, you can further adjust the Red, Green, and Blue slider bars to push the correct white balance deeper and more intensely…this gives you a great powerful tool within Final Cut Pro X for correct white balancing that wasn’t there before.


Why not just use the native Auto Balance tool that comes with FCPX? Try it and find out! The native auto balancing tools just don’t do the job that White Balancer can. Plus, wouldn’t you rather have more control over the adjustments of your clips rather than rely on an auto-balancing feature?


Finally, White Balancer has warm, cool, and depth controls that really give your image that extra punch. You’ll end up with an incredibly lively image with great depth and correct white balance.

CineFlare White Balancer for FCPX v2.0.1 (Mac Only) ..

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