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Eight explosive plugin packs for Final Cut Pro

Introducing the Coremelt Detonator Bundle, 8 powerful and easy-to-use plugins for Final Cut Pro X. All of these tools use Academy Award-winning Mocha tracking directly on the timeline in FCP X.


SliceX is perfect for professional motion tracking. You’ll be able to isolate parts of your image and apply treatments like color grading, blurs, or tracking mattes with pinpoint accuracy.

TrackX will help you place a graphic into a scene with ease and finesse. DriveX allows you to track any number of elements across multiple shots with great precision and speed.

PaintX uses the tracked data to enable quick cleanups using tracked paint strokes, adding pizzazz to your images right on the timeline! Lock and Load X offers a blazingly fast stabilizer that creates amazing results quickly regardless of how shaky your footage is.

For further customization needs, LUTx provides an interactive gallery of LUTs so you can personalize your image just the way you want it, while ModelX works with 3D models within Final Cut Pro for maximum cinematic flair. To top it off, StyleX lets you apply machine-learning video styles to your footage in no time at all!

Bring your projects up to speed with the Coremelt Detonator Bundle today!

The Detonators plugin set integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro’s built-in tools, adding new ways to work with tracking, painting, 3D models, AI styles, and other visual effects.

Better tracking with the Academy Award-winning Mocha Planar Tracker

Final Cut Pro has a tracker built in, and it’s great for some tasks. For some shots, it just doesn’t get it right and it’s all or nothing, there are no tools to fix or adjust a track. All tracking in the Detonators bundles is done using the Mocha planar tracker, licensed from BorisFx. You can stop, revise, adjust, and add manual keyframes until your track is perfect.

Powerful full-screen interface

PaintX, SliceX, and DriveX open your selected clip in a full-screen viewer allowing you to quickly focus only on the tools you need to fix the shot in progress. All the tools are instantly available.

Coremelt Detonators Bundle (Mac (FCPX) Only) ..

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