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Take your color correction to the next level with Frischluft Fresh Curves.

Curves are a very versatile and precise color correction tool, but the native version doesn’t work well in After Effects. Frishcluft Fresh Curves adds the control and accuracy that the After Effects version lacks, to take full advantage of the precision and versatility that using curves for color correction provides.


  • More channels
    Fresh Curves has brightness, saturation, and hue channels for more direct control on top of the usual RGBA.
  • Relative Curves
    Now it’s possible to adjust on attributes based on another. Relative Curves also have a built-in pre blur and a post blur curve.
  • Bezier cubic splines
    With tangent handles for more curve control. Interpolation modes are similar to the ones in the AE graph editor round things off.
  • Invert Curves
    Using invert you can work in your own color space. Apply your custom “gamma curve”, do the work, and apply and the inverted one.


  • Histogram
    The integrated histograms help you find and modify desired areas and gives feedback to your changes.
  • Interface
    Tired of that old, tiny interface? Here is a big, nice resizeable one.
  • Zoom tools
    Will come in handy for those out of range float colors or when fiddling with details.
  • Edit and sample
    Need to be precise? Just edit or sample your values. And change the color range to what you are comfortable with.

Frischluft Fresh Curves v1.15 ..

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