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Simulates camera viewfinders, scopes, binoculars and shutter effects in Final Cut Pro X

Optics is a Final Cut Pro X plugin that facilitates dynamic first-person perspectives through diverse sets of camera viewfinders, scopes, and binoculars. It provides the capability to animate various parameters like focus, position, and scale, and integrate thermal and night vision effects, animated scan lines, flicker, and roll. Additionally, it offers control over the HUD graphics of popular DSLR camera types, including f-stop, ISO, and exposure values, among others.

Ripple Optics for FCPX (Mac Only)

1 056,31RPrix
TVA Incluse
    • Create a First-Person Perspective
    • Viewfinders, Scopes & Binoculars
    • Animate Focus, Position & Scale
    • DSLR, Thermal & Night Vision Optics
    • Customizable Heads-Up Displays
    • Animate Scan Lines, Flicker & Roll
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