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Build Complex Animations without Complex Keyframing

Motion Pop offers a unique collection of 181 animated motion presets that add quick and smooth looping animations to videos, images, clips, logos, and cartoons without requiring keyframing. The presets lend themselves to playful and whimsical presentations while delivering a professional look and feel.

Motion Pop is absolutely perfect for beginners and advanced editors looking for extraordinary motion graphics to create logo animations, animate faces, cartoons and characters, make shapes and objects move, build complicated graphics, quick transitions and apply movement to products that would otherwise be static and boring.

Motion Pop’s motion presets are designed to appeal to a wide range of viewers, businesses and topics. Yes, formal, mature, cute and fun topics are easier to understand and enjoyed more when you introduce Motion Pop into the mix.

Order yourself the most delicious serving of banana split you can find and happily savor it while using one of the easiest plugins you can use to animate in Final Cut Pro. You’ll love Motion Pop for the one-of-a-kind action it brings to your projects that you’ll be “peeling” so good while editing your videos.

No matter what industry you’re in, Motion Pop will move and delightfully pop your story.

Best of all, Motion Pop was designed, animated and tested a bunch of times until it’s ripe and ready for you.

If you’re at your wit’s end trying to find an (almost) limitless plugin for custom motion graphics, now’s your chance to make your move with Motion Pop.

Stupid Raisins Motion Pop (Mac (FCPX) Only) ..

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