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26 Analog video looks from the VHS era

Create cool and trendy VHS-vibe videos with VHS Pop!

Bring back retro, vintage and old school feels with VHS Pop’s titles, effects and transitions. Create pleasant, powerful and emotionally provoking throwback videos full of nostalgia and memories for your clients, viewers and audience. VHS Pop’s authentic VCR vintage look-and-feel is rad perfect for all kinds of videos – memories, commercials, sports, social media, slide shows, trailers, home movies and YouTube! Be kind. Rewind to the good ‘ol days with VHS Pop! Download the free trial today!

Stupid Raisins VHS Pop (Mac (FCPX) Only) ..

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  • This major throwback plugin is so hot right now, it’s a must-have for its 26 drag-and-drop titles, effects and transitions. They’re just right for videos that need radical, retro and the old school feels of the 80s and 90s.

    VHS Pop is perfect for home movies, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, retrospectives, and other special events that need liberal touches of distinctively sentimental effects.

    VHS Pop’s authentic VCR vintage look-and-feel elevates your work to a professional level because of the production value it brings; your videos will look so awesomely classic, you’ll proudly show them off to your clients!

    Feel like breaking out from the usual way of applying retro effects in your projects? VHS Pop is the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. With VHS Pop as your go-to plug-in, your vintage-inspired videos will look so good people are going to think you led an entire motion graphics team when really it’s just you and VHS Pop…genius move!

    VHS Pop is incredibly easy to use; you’ll be done in 2 efficient steps with time to spare for fun things you’ve always wanted to do (grow a mullet!) It’s also designed to completely fulfill all the throwback touches you need. You’ll save so much money and be able to charge more for your amazing and expensive looking results, you’ll finally be able to buy that laserdisc player you’ve been eyeing.

    Professionally-done throwback videos with killer production value, get ‘em both and more with VHS Pop.

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