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Fast, broadcast-quality transitions and titles. Available exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

SUGARfx Punchline is a collection of 32 Titles and Transition elements for Final Cut Pro X that have been designed with the goal to bring professional-looking elements to the casual and professional editor.

This collection of 32 High Definition elements includes 11 titles and 21 transitions, all customizable and easy to adjust right inside Final Cut Pro X.

Also, some of the transition elements have been designed to take advantage of the best capabilities found inside Final Cut Pro X, such as the ability to choose from the editing timeline, the content of the panels that conform the element. Simply drag the numbers that become visible in the timeline and the corresponding panels will show the exact frame that you want in your transition element.

SUGARfx Punchline for FCPX v1.0.1 (Mac Only)

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