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Instantly give your movie titles a glossy beveled look with animated lighting!

Tokyo Chrominator is an Effect template, exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, that enables users to apply a 3D beveled effect, complete with animated lighting, to any graphic shape or FCP X title.

It is especially useful for adding a professional look to logos, text, and the like.  There are many other possible uses for this versatile effect too.

TOKYO Chrominator for FCPX (Mac Only)

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  • The Chrominator template can be found under Tokyo Chrominator in your FCP X Effects browser. In addition to the Basic version of the effect which you can customise, there are six additional presets available (including Gold, Silver, Brass and more) to make it easy to get an instant look or to use as the basis for your own variation.

    Adjust the easy-to-use animation controls to add a rotating shine to your object without the need for keyframing. Tokyo Chrominator couldn’t be easier to use but it’s also powerful enough to enable you to customize the look any way you want.

    Also included in the Chrominator package is Tokyo Alpha Creator, a handy utility to give you an instant alpha channel if your graphic doesn’t already have one.

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