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Learn the Method, Not Just The Software!

Basic to Advanced Professional use of Trapcode Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke.

Toolfarm Professional Training with Trapcode 3S:(The Expert Series) .

VAT Included
    • How Starglow works
    • Sky replacement using Starglow
    • Compositing your sky
    • Adding other effects to enhance Starglow
    •  Final color correction
    •  Final results!
    •  Starglow bonus

    Lesson 2: Shine

    • How Shine works
    • Using Shine to enhance a sky shot
    • Creating the rays
    • Final results!

    Lesson 3: 3D Stroke

    •  Getting set up
    • Creating and animating the main stroke
    • Applying 3D Stroke
    •  Animating the stroke
    • Using the repeater function
    • Working with the camera
    • Final camera animation
    • Creating branches
    • Activate 3D Stroke
    • Positioning 3D Stroke in the final composition
    • Adding the planet element to the composition
    • Treat the stroke element using Shine
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