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Fast, GPU - Accelerated Fisheye Removal

Quickly & Easily Removes Barrel Distortion From Pro Fisheye Lenses and Action Cam Footage. DFISH allows you to turn your curvy, fishbowl style videos into beautiful, straight, wide angle masterpieces. Our algorithm is unique from other fisheye removal tools, because it gives you more control over the lens correction, accounting for a greater variety lenses and cameras.

Not all lenses are created the same way or exhibited a linear distortion across the whole image plane. By separating parameters for the inner and outer portion of the lens, you get superior results.

OpenGL Accelerated

DFISH is fully OpenGL accelerated, leveraging native MacOSX graphics. Corrections render in realtime during playback.

Crop and Horizon

Sometimes your camera may have been mounted off axis, you can easily correct for this with the horizon correction parameter. Using the crop feature lets you eliminate any distortion artifacts at the edge of the frame when used with more extreme fisheye lenses.

Robust Preset System

DFISH comes with presets for the most common action cameras and Fisheye lenses on the market, use our presets as a starting point and then tweak. Save your own presets for your particular lens or camera, then apply it to all your footage instantly!

Available NOW for Adobe Premiere & After Effects, as well as Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion. Priced at only $39.95, Zoetrope DFISH is a must have utility for anyone working with Fisheye footage.

Zoetrope DFISH

VAT Included
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