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Quick-moving title layer transitions

Sometimes a jump cut needs to be covered up, other times you might what to enhance it.  Either way, Jump Cuts is the solution.  Jump Cuts is a set of quick-moving title layer transitions that are specifically designed to cover up, detract from, or enhance jump cuts. Every video editor has come across this problem before. Sometimes a client insists on having you cover up a jump cut, but also, jump cuts can be an acceptable part of creating videos. Whatever your situation, Jump Cuts offers you a new and creative way to add a ton of variety to your jump cuts.


Jump Cuts comes with over 40 layer transitions and reframing tools. The included categories are Motion, Fades, Overlays, Blurs, Creative, and Reframing. These categories allow you to add both professional and more creative transitions.


Navigate to the Titles browser inside Final Cut Pro and simply drag and drop a layer transition over the jump cut you want to affect. Make sure it’s approximately centered over the cut. When using a reframing tool, drag and drop the desired reframing template over an entire section of a jump cut and resize it to cover that portion of footage.


Since Jump Cuts uses layer transitions, it’s super easy to mix and match different combinations of transitions for a huge variety of possibilities. Simply stack several title layers over a jump cut to see what unique transitions you can come up with.


Jump Cuts is a great tool that solves the problem of a basic jump cut when a client wants you to minimize jump cuts. Not only that, it also allows you to professionally and creatively add variety to a jump cut when they can’t be avoided.

Cineflare Jump Cuts (Mac (FCPX) Only) ..

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