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Super Handy FCPX Colour Correction

HyColour Lite is a really neat colour grading effect for FCPX that brings white balance, exposure, green cast removal, saturation, colour bias, sharpening and a broadcast safe filter, together in one place. Super handy, super cool.

Whilst FCPX is cool, the colour correction interface can seem clumsy and unfamiliar to new users. With HyColour Lite you have access to all the core colour correction tools in one place.

And if you’re a Lightroom or Aperture user, you’ll feel right at home.


  • White Balance with auto exposure compensation
  • Fine tune white balance with Warm Hue and Cool Hue
  • Overall Exposure control
  • Individual control over Highlights, Mid Tones and Shadows
  • Saturation Control
  • Change the overall bias of the image with Green-Magenta and Yellow-Blue
  • (great for matching footage from different cameras after a multi-camera shoot)
  • Incredible Green Cast Removal for removing colour casting when shooting under fluorescent lighting
  • Easy Sharpening/Softening as well as advanced control as an option
  • Broadcast Safe Filtering for when you output for broadcast
  • Smooth controls. All of the sliders operate within real world limits.

HY-FX HyColour Lite ..

VAT Included
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