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Mega collection of subtle, colorful, dynamic and fun transitions

Transition Pop is a mega-pack of 200 diverse Final Cut Pro transitions. Every transition you need and a whole lot more in one super-easy-to-use gigantic plugin. Create spectacular transitions quickly from a powerhouse of 200 subtle, colorful, dynamic, stylish and fun transitions; perfect for tons of projects. No filler, no fluff, just straight-up masterpiece transitions.

Concerned about how to effectively push each scene forward? Transition Pop helps move your story along with professional, impactful and spectacular transitions. Effective segues that guide and pull your viewers progressively from one scene to the next.

Set up each shot according to subtle, dramatic, comedic and exciting moods. Switch points of view, jump between fast-paced & slow-paced action, or time travel using Transition Pop’s artistic transitions.

Transition Pop works as fast as you can think with it’s simple, uncomplicated, time-saving drag-and-drop execution. You’re in, out, and done! Yay for quickly ending your workday to enjoy more time with family, friends, pets and hobbies (double yay for human affection, wet kisses from your furry companions and the sheer joy of knitting a full sweater).

Create artful, eye-catching, diverse and expensive looking transitions that raise the quality of your work and make your videos look better than ever.

With 200 designed, animated and tested transitions in one single package, you get a lifetime’s use of powerful and professional transitions for all of your films! You’ll save so much money, you can use it to grow your business, convert your audience to a stark raving fan base and charge more for your amazing and expensive looking results.

No more choosing transitions from a thin, outdated portfolio. Your amazing video editing skills deserve to be matched scene for scene, shot by shot, with a mega-pack of 200 high-caliber Final Cut Pro transitions.

Stupid Raisins Transition Pop (Mac (FCPX) Only) ..

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